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CSCS Course Location

  • East London: 1 Ace Training: Kalam House 252-254 Romford Road, 7 th Floor, Forestgate E7 9HZ

You need this course in order to apply for your CSCS green card. It is the basic qualification required for those who wish to work in the Construction industry of UK. Generally, security officers having an SIA licence may want to do this qualification as it would enable them to work at construction sights. To apply for the CSCS green labourer card you need to follow three simple steps,

  • STEP 1: Do the level 1 health and safety in construction environment
  • STEP 2: Pass the CITB Health and Safety test
  • Step 3: Apply for CSCS Green Card.
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Assessment: Multiple choice
  • Timings: 0930 to 1630
  • Course Location: 1 Ace Training: Kalam House 252-254 Romford Road, 7th Floor, Forestgate E7 9HZ

Who is it for? 

This qualification is designed for people already working, or wanting to work, in the UK construction industry; all construction businesses have a legal responsibility to provide their employees with relevant health and safety training. A high standard of health and safety protects employees’ and consumers’ health and helps to maintain the reputation of the business.

This qualification will provide apprentices and experienced workers with the knowledge and skills they need to apply for their CSCS card (Labourer Card / Green Card) and take the Health, Safety and Environment Test.

Having a valid CSCS card and passing the Health, Safety and Environment Test are both mandatory requirements of working in the construction industry because they grant employees access to UK construction sites as non-skilled workers.

What does it cover? 

This qualification delivers an essential understanding of the key terms, legal responsibilities and reasons for good health and safety on a construction site. Students will also learn about risk assessments and method statements, personal protective equipment, emergencies and first aid, reporting accidents, fatalities and ill-health in a construction environment. The content of this qualification will also prepare learners for their CSCS card application and pass the CITB test.

This qualification is regulated by the UK qualifications regulators in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) so your students can be certain of its quality and assured that it meets the right standards.

How does it work 

Learners will gain the following critical knowledge for the CSCS green card:

  • Preparation for their CSCS card application and passing the CITB test.
  • How to take personal responsibility for health and safety, and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.
  • How to keep make risk assessments, method statements and report accidents.
  • How to manage risks involving work equipment, moving vehicles and mobile plant, fire, electricity, manual handling, noise, vibration, hazardous substances, alcohol and drugs.
  • The importance of health and safety signs and personal protective equipment.


This is a short, stand-alone qualification that is also well-suited for integration into wider vocational programmes of study.

Learner requirements for CSCS green card course

There are no formal entry requirements although learners are expected to have a level of literacy which will enable them to benefit from the teaching materials and complete the exam. Most learners will complete the qualification (including the examination) within the allotted 40 hours. We strongly recommend training centres to plan their delivery in a manner that is sympathetic to the varying requirements of each attendee.

The experience levels of people taking this qualification will differ (sometimes noticeably). For example, construction apprentices or young employees new to employment generally will likely require the full 40 hours, whereas people with more life and work experience, especially those attending with a view to renewing their CSCS card, may require less time.

Assessment for CSCS green card

Learners pass the qualification by completing an online or paper-based exam. It consists of 40 multiple-choice questions based on the learning completed. Candidates have one hour to complete the exam and must answer at least 26 questions correctly to pass.


Successful candidates will receive a Level 1 Award In Health and Safety in a Construction Environment certificate from an awarding body within England and Wales who are currently recognised by Ofqual and Department for Education and Skills.


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