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Emergency First Aid at Work is mandatory to join Door Supervisor Course

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Guard or Security Officer Courses

As per the private security industry act 2001, a security officer sometimes called a manned guard, is anyone who carries out any of the tasks:

  • Guarding premises against un authorised access, occupation, disorder, destruction or theft.
  • ¬†People Guarding against assault or other injuries sustained by unlawful activity.
  • In order for you to work as a security guard you need a SIA security guarding license, to obtain the SIA security guarding license you are required to undergo appropriate required training¬† you can apply for the security guard license.
  • The tasks of a security guard normally involves a physical presence, patrolling controlling access to premises, surveillance and dealing with incidents and emergencies. Security officers are considered to be part of the wider police family, protecting people and their property and helping to prevent crime.

General duties of security guard

  • Carry out patrols
  • Check people and vehicles at entry points
  • Search people , property or premises
  • Use specialist equipment
  • Remove trespassers from sight
  • Record incidents
  • Remove trespassers from sites
  • Attend court to give evidence
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Deal with internal and external customers

Core Modules for the Security Guard Course :

Unit 1: Principles of Working in the Private Security Industry

  1. Know the main characteristics and purposes of the Private Security Industry
  2. Understand legislation as it applies to a security operative
  3. Understand arrest procedures relevant to security operatives
  4. Understand the importance of safe working practices
  5. Understand fire procedures in the workplace
  6. Understand emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures
  7. Understand how to communicate effectively as a security operative
  8. Understand record keeping relevant to the role of the security operative
  9. Understand terror threats and the role of the security operative in the event of a threat
  10. Understand how to keep vulnerable people safe
  11. Understand good practice for post incident management

Unit 2: Principles of Working as a Security Officer In The Private Security Industry

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of security officers
  2. Understand the control of access and egress.
  3. Know the different types of electronic and physical protection systems in the security environment.
  4. Know how to minimise risk to personal safety at work.
  5. Understand drug-misuse legislation, issues and procedures relevant to the role of a security officer.
  6. Know how to conduct effective search procedures.
  7. Understand how to patrol designated areas safely.

Unit 3: Application of Conflict Management in the Private Security Industry

  1. Understand the principles of conflict management appropriate to the role
  2. Understand how to recognise, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations
  3. Understand the use of problem-solving techniques when resolving conflict
  4. Be able to communicate to deescalate conflict

How to become a security guard?

If you have decided to work in the security industry as a security guard you have to undergo the required training for security guarding. The security guard training course is a three day course in which there are three modules.

However we would suggest that doing the security guarding course you should go for the door supervisor course.

The reason for us to guide you in this particular way is because a door supervisor can perform all the duties that a normal security guard can do besides that he can also perform the duties of a door supervisor in a licence premises.

The sia licence fee is the same so why not get a security qualification that lets you do more rather than restricting yourself.

Agreed you might not want to a door supervisor in a licence premises but still you might change your mind at a later stage so then what would you do again waste money on training and then again apply for a sia security licence for door supervision so what is a wise ?

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