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Important: If you do the door supervisor course you don’t need to do the security guard course. The SIA door supervisor license covers both door supervisor and security guards, thus no one opts for the security guard license.

SIA Door Supervisor Licence

  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Assessment: Multiple choice questions and practical
  • Minimum Age: 18 and above

To work as a door supervisor in the security industry of UK. You need to do the door supervisor course with an SIA compliant training provider. The door supervisor course is a 6 days training, the price of the course in London is as stated above if booked online. The Door Supervisor course after successful completion allows you to apply for your SIA door supervisor license.

Door Supervisor Course Core Units 

Unit 1: Working within the Private Security Industry

  1. Know the main characteristics of the private security industry
  2. Legislation as it applies to the individual in carrying out a licensable activity
  3. The importance of safe working practices to comply with legal requirements
  4. Fire procedures in the workplace
  5. Emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures
  6. The importance of communication skills and customer care

Unit 2: Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry

  1. The role and objectives of a door supervisor.
  2. Civil and criminal law relevant to a door supervisor
  3. Searching relevant to a door supervisor
  4. Powers of arrest relevant to a door  supervisor
  5. Drug misuse issues and procedures relevant to the role of a door supervisor
  6. Incident recording and crime scene preservation relevant to the role of a door supervisor
  7. The licensing law and social responsibility relevant to the role of a door supervisor.
  8. Emergency procedures should be followed by a door supervisor.
  9. How a door supervisor can help to keep vulnerable people safe.
  10. Queue management and venue capacity responsibilities relevant to a door supervisor

Unit 3: Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

  1. The principles of conflict management  appropriate to their role and reduce risk in conflict situations
  2. How to communicate in emotive situations to de-escalate conflict
  3. How to develop and use problem-solving strategies for resolving conflict
  4. Good practice to follow after conflict situations

More about Door Supervisor Course

The role of the door supervisor

Door supervisors are security operatives working at licensed premises, bars, night clubs, hotels, restaurants and large events. The main role of a door supervisor is to make sure customers have an enjoyable experience in a safe environment.

Attending training and passing the national qualification provides the minimum knowledge and understanding to start working as a door supervisor. They must be licensed by the regulatory body for the UK security industry- the SIA Security industry authority.

 Door supervisor responsibilities

  • Controlling entry
  • Maintaining order
  • Helping customers
  • Ensuring health and safety
  • First aid
  • Evacuation

Will I receive my training certificate?

You have done your training and successfully passed the door supervisor course. Depending on the awarding organization you should get your certificate within ten working days.

Can a door supervisor work as a security guard?

Yes, a door supervisor can work as a normal security guard on the contrary a normal security guard cannot work as door supervisors need to work on licensed premises. In order for him to work on licensed premises, he needs to undergo the required training.

Door supervisor course or security guard course?

In our opinion, the door supervisor qualification is better and is good value for the money that you spend. A door supervisor can do all the work that a normal security guard can do, he work on licensed premises, include where alcohol is dealt with.

You intend to join the security industry then we recommend that you do the SIA door supervisor course rather than the security guard course.

How long it takes to get an SIA license?

After you have completed the training for the door supervisor course and you receive your certificate. You need to complete the SIA application form available from the SIA website. It would take anything between 3 to 4 weeks you get your SIA license.

What documents do I need to do the door supervisor course?

To do any SIA linked qualification, you would be required to show certain documents these documents have been divided into group A and group B documents. If you have two documents from group A you do not need any other document. If you have one document from group A, you would be required to have an additional two documents from group B. To have a look at the acceptable form of IDs to do the door supervision qualification follow the link documents required for door supervisor training

Learner Entry Requirements for Door Supervisor Course

Security officers are required to coordinate with emergency services. Door supervisors need to have good communication and conflict management skills. Qualified security operatives would be required to prevent and if required to manage conflict. To communicate clearly and effectively security officers require good communication skills. Learners intending to join the door supervisor course should have a reasonable understanding of English.

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